Sri Krishna Tulsi Tea

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Sri Krishna Tulsi tea has a spicy and minty flavour, with slight hints of cloves and licorice, and a crisp peppery ending. This tea not only tastes good, it is good for your health as well! There are three varietals of Tulsi tea that’s consumed, and this is the one with the purple leaves, and has the most medicinal use in Ayurveda. If you are looking for a herbal tea that will rejuvenate you - body & soul; then Sri Krishna Tulsi is what you need!

Does it have caffeine: Caffeine Free! This plant is not the real tea plant, and thus has no caffeine.

How to Make It: There are many ways in which you can ingest dried Tulsi leaves. If you want to brew a cuppa Tulsi, use slightly less than boiling water (bring to boil, remove from stove and wait 30 seconds before pouring over leaves). Steep the leaves for extended period; the longer the better, but at least 6 to 10 minutes, before straining it into a cup and serving. You can cook a variety of dishes with dry Tulsi leaves, including vegetables, meats and fishes!