SF Tea Strainer

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The SF Tea Strainer is a simple tool that will empower you to start making your own tea, and taking back control over what goes into your cup! The ‘SF’ stands for Super Fine, because it prevents even the smallest tea particles from getting into your cup. The strainer is made with a fine stainless steel mesh that will never rust or discolour, and fits inside almost every size cup or mug.

The strainer has two parts – the bottom part (stainless steel mash) and the top lid, used for keeping the heat in, when is being brewed, and doubles as a coaster for the wet strainer, when the brewing is done!

The lid is a stainless steel plate and a piece of Silicone.  Silicone is made from silica extracted from sand, combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Silicone is ultra-durable, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, does not promote bacteria or fungus growth, and does not react to extreme high and low temperatures. The strainer is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Made in China