Kama Black Tea

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The Kama Black is the largest full leaf Assam black tea. This tea is low in tannins i.e. briskness, and is a favorite for those who like a lighter body Assam tea. Kama Black type of jumbo leaf black teas are regularly crushed in machines and made into small dusts and used in teabags. However when you brew this tea without crushing the leaves, it gives an incredibly flavourful cup of Assam tea.

Enjoy an Assam black tea that’s easy to drink right in the morning, and is delicious, and doesn’t drive your stomach sick when consumed empty.

Does it have caffeine: This tea has caffeine. However, the highest concentration of caffeine is usually in the smallest leaf (bud) of the plant, and the Kama Black is made from the largest most mature leaves; thus has less caffeine than regular Assam black teas.

What’s in It: 100% Full Leaf Assam Black Tea

How to Make It: These full tea leaves are exceptionally large, and you should be careful to make sure you use enough for each serving. Use 2.5 grams of tea per 237 ml. of water (1 standard cup). Steep for 3 – 5 minutes, strain and enjoy! This tea does not do well with milk. It is best straight-up, black, without milk or sweeteners.