Golden Tippy Tea

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The Golden Tippy Tea is a single estate Assam black tea. It is our finest grade of full leaf Assam orthodox black tea. The taste is soft and brisky, the texture is silky and the flavor is malty with a sweetish brisky wet ending. The name “golden tippy” refers to some of the tender tea leaves that turned golden instead of black when they were dried, and these golden tips gives an impressive look to this royalty of the Assam black teas.

If you are looking for the best batch of black tea to buy that’s freshly harvested, impressive to look at, and delicious to taste; this is the tea you want! 

Does it have caffeine: This is an Assam black tea and like all Assam teas, it has caffeine. That being said, the amount of caffeine in this tea is about one-third (1/3) of that of a similar size cup of regular coffee!

What's in It: 100% Assam Full Leaf Orthodox Black Tea 

How to Make It: Use 2 grams of black tea per 237 ml. of liquid (1 standard teacup). Steep for 3 – 5 minutes, strain and enjoy! Goes well with a dash of milk, but tastes way better straight-up, black, without milk and sweeteners.