Digestive Peppermint Tea

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Digestive Peppermint tea is not only delicious and refreshing to taste, it is an excellent beverage to consume on regular basis. Peppermint has a strong menthol taste, with a cool refreshing finish. You are most likely to recognize this taste from the taste of your toothpaste (where peppermint oil is used for flavouring and for medicinal properties). But once you start drinking Digestive Peppermint on a regular basis, you will find the general feeling of relaxation and wellbeing will outweigh any hesitation you may have about your toothpaste!

Does it have caffeine: Caffeine Free. This plant is not the real tea plant, and thus has no caffeine.

How to Make It: Peppermint tea is an excellent remedy if you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  You can brew a tea out of it, you can use it as a room freshener (potpourri), and you can use it as a pest repellent. You can also use it for cooking a variety of vegetable, meat and fish dishes as well!

If you want to brew a cuppa peppermint tea, use slightly less than boiling water (bring to boil, remove from stove and wait 30 seconds before pouring over leaves). Steep the leaves for extended period; the longer the better, but at least 6 to 10 minutes, before straining it into a cup and serving.