About Us

17 years ago in a sleepy town in Florida, United States, a recent college graduate from India, Rishi Bhattacharjee, decided to start a tea importing and distribution business. He had good connection, as his father was a renown tea planter back in Assam, but he did not have the slightest clue about selling tea. His dad, MKB, had taught him that it meant nothing to make the finest teas in the land, if no one knew about it - marketing is everything.

Once his first consignment of Assam teas arrived in Florida, Rishi soon found out that few people in the United States drank tea like people did back in India.

He discovered that people were frankly bored with regular teas (which they mostly drank iced), and the market needs to evolve to cater to their needs. Rishi found his calling, and he started learning all he could about making exceptional tea blends using tea, dried herbs, spices, flavour extracts, edible flowers and more.

Starting in his garage in 2001, Rishi and his new bride, Namgay Gyatso from Sikkim, worked day and night to hand make, and market their new lines of pure and flavoured teas to restaurants and hotels, cafes and coffee distributors and to anyone who drank tea! The business grew fast and in 2008, they started a location in Vancouver, Canada. 

Starting with a commitment to offer the finest black teas in the world to his clients, today his teas are today sold across the United States and Canada in the finest restaurants, resorts, cafes and many other fine establishments.  

In 2012 Rishi's elderly parents were assassinated in their own tea garden in Assam. Rishi came back to his parent's tea garden, and spent the next three years re-connecting with the soil as he worked to bring to reality his father's wish of making his tea garden into an organic farm. In 2014 the tea garden was finally certified organic. 

On 7th August 2017 Rishi and the fabulous team at Assam Fresh launched the first ever line-up of premium flavoured teas in India, with the commercial production of 11 blended and flavoured black and green teas in their facility in Guwahati, Assam.

Rishi has designed each tea with great passion and care. He is confident you will be delighted to taste each tea. Come and join us - check out some of our teas - and write to us your feedback in twitter, facebook or instagram @assamfresh