Lemon Ginger Green Flavoured Tea

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The vegetal, grassy aroma of green tea gives way to crisp lemony flavour, with spiciness from the organically grown heirloom ginger. This tea looks good, and tastes awesome! The addition of a dash of natural lemon extract and hand-chipped ginger, brings character to the cup and makes it an incredibly flavourful green tea blend.

Does it have caffeine: Yes; green tea like black tea, has caffeine.

What’s in It: Assam green tea, edible flowers and peels, organically grown ginger, and natural flavours.

How to Make It: Use less than boiling water (bring to boil, remove from stove, and wait 30 seconds before pouring over leaves). Use 2.5-grams per 237 ml (1 standard cup). Steep for 3 to 5 minutes, strain and enjoy!