Handmade Assam Green Tea

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Soft and creamy in texture, flowery and sweet in aroma, and a delight to look at. The Assam Handmade Green tea is an exceptionally well made batch of green tea! If you enjoy the nuances of the high quality green teas, you will love this handcrafted Assam green tea.

We only offer batches of Assam Handmade Green teas that are above market quality, with each batch being unique in taste, and every batch being well made and aromatic. Taste this tea and it will be challenging to get back to drinking anything else!

Does it have caffeine: Yes – this green tea has caffeine.

What’s in It: 100% Handmade Assam green tea

How to Make It: Use less than boiling water (bring to boil, remove from stove, and wait 30 seconds before pouring over leaves). Use 2.5-grams per 237 ml (1 standard cup). Steep for 3 to 5 minutes, strain and enjoy!