Pink Rose CTC Flavoured Tea

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Delicate and sweet, sharp yet soothing, rose infused black tea has been drunk for centuries around the world. Possibly one of the first flowers to be used for flavouring teas, rose and Assam black tea are made for each other! We blend this tea by starting with a fresh batch of well-made Assam black tea, flavouring it with natural rose extract, and finishing off with a dash of soft pink rose petals on the top.

The aroma alone makes this tea a must buy! The tea is alluring in appearance; making it a great gift for special occasions.

Does it have caffeine: Yes it does!

What’s in It: Assam black tea expertly blended with flowers, fruits and natural flavours

How to Make It: Use 2 grams of black tea per 237 ml. of water (1 standard teacup). Bring fresh water to a boil, and pour over the tea leaves. Steep for 3 – 5 minutes, strain and enjoy with or without a dab of milk and sugar.