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Welcome to Assam Fresh Teas & Spices™ a division of Kontreg Securities Pvt. Ltd. 

I feel this business is something very special. You may ask what makes Assam Fresh™ special? Here are my top three - in no particular order:

As a tea company, Assam Fresh™ is the first company in India to bring naturally flavoured black, green and herbal teas to consumers. On August 2017 we did a soft launch and started introducing our range of 12 flavoured tea blends to tea connoisseurs and food service establishments across India. 

As an idea, Assam Fresh™ is the first brand to bring something completely innovative, flavoured blends, into the world of tea in India. Tea in India will never be the same again!

As a service, Assam Fresh™ is offering tea lovers, foodies, high-end restaurants, specialty grocers and others, the window to the world of tea beyond chai - now you can have actual mango tea - that taste like mango! This changes everything that goes into the menu under tea - in my humble opinion. For right now, we have launched a line of dozen flavoured teas, and we hope to continue adding dozens more, in the months and years to come.


Rishi Bhattacharjee
Founder & CEO



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