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The Story of Assam Fresh™ - YouTube Video and Podcast Links

Greetings Fellow Tea Drinkers, Story telling is an art that has proven its weight in gold, since the ancient times. I have decided to use the power of story telling, to build Assam Fresh's online community of fans, well wishers and patrons.  Today I posted the first of many videos to come, in our new YouTube channel (Assam Fresh TV). I want to share the video and audio with you. Here is the audio file. I am looking forward to doing a lot more videos to share with you. Please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  

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Why freshness matters in tea

When we think of "fresh" in relations to food, we think of vegetables and fruits, maybe even fresh cooked meals, or a freshly squeezed glass of lemon juice. But do you realize that we are also looking for "freshness" when we check the expiry date at the bottom of a box of cereal or a box of tea?  My father was a tea farmer. He use to say that the teas taste best when you pick the tender leaves within 6 days of the leaves appearing on the plant. Other planters used to wait for 10 - 12 days in order to get more yield, but my father stuck to his 6 day rounds. His teas used to win the best...

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Welcome to Assam Fresh™

Welcome to Assam Fresh Teas & Spices™ a division of Kontreg Securities Pvt. Ltd.  I feel this business is something very special. You may ask what makes Assam Fresh™ special? Here are my top three - in no particular order: As a tea company, Assam Fresh™ is the first company in India to bring naturally flavoured black, green and herbal teas to consumers. On August 2017 we did a soft launch and started introducing our range of 12 flavoured tea blends to tea connoisseurs and food service establishments across India.  As an idea, Assam Fresh™ is the first brand to bring something completely innovative, flavoured blends, into the world of tea in India. Tea in India will never be the same again!...

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